Call of HIS VANGUARD: Advance HIS Kingdom!


Do you hear the "CALL"?

Early in 2008, the Lord instructed Susan Harris very clearly to use the term "Call of the VANGUARD" for the first Gathering that occurred April 17-20, 2008. From that initial "worship-warrior" unit the Lord has formed the nucleus of a very unique network to which He is adding those HE has chosen and will specifically CALL to unite as HIS Vanguard.

The Gathering in April 2008 was held at a Club House in Southeast Houston (Clear Lake City). The initial Gathering felt very much like a reunion of family and close friends and much less like a conference. Ladies and their spouses came from out-of-state, out-of-the-area, and all over the Houston Metroplex. We even had one guest from Germany.

In September, 2008, HIS Vanguard hosted our second Gathering. Because we had out-grown the Club House facility, we met at Lighthouse Fellowship in League City. Once again, ladies and men gathered to connect with other ministry leaders. One of our "Related Ministries", Lydia Measner, joined us from Romania.  

The nature of our 2nd Gathering was much like hosting a "hands-on" workshop among dear friends and family. The Lord had given us a mandate to "Plan for HIS Presence" in intimate worship and prayer. He issued a call for us to intercede for our own nation, Israel, and specific nations He designated. Anointed teaching and sharing was interspersed with powerful times of ministry, corporate worship and prophetic intercession.  


Summoned to ASSEMBLE!

[ASSEMBLY: a signal, as by drum or bugle, for troops to fall into ranks or otherwise assemble in formation; the movement of forces, i.e. soldiers, scattered by battle or battle drill, toward and into a small area; a company of persons collected together in one place for some common purpose]

From out of the first Gathering was birthed prayer, intercession and prophetic worship Assemblies held in homes and other intimate venues, as well as much larger public facilities. The intent of each VANGUARD Assembly has been to collectively become an “echo” and “reflection” of the heart of Father God as we seek Him in prayer, intercession and prophetic worship.

The format envisioned was a loosely-structured type of gathering with a focus on seeking the Lord’s heart and mind regarding our Houston Metroplex-Bay Area region, our own nation, and the nations throughout the earth. O
ur desire and intent for the Assemblies has been to provide a venue or platform, i.e. “safe place” and opportunity, for each member to experience greater growth in their giftings and anointings through training, impartation, encouragement, and support as we interact together.


Since those humble beginnings with a few dozen friends in April 2008, HIS Vanguard has now hosted or co-hosted and facilitated many Gatherings, Assemblies, Conferences and events. Linked by HIS Spirit with our Related Ministries, HIS Vanguard has "exploded" into a global network of several hundred ministers and ministry organizations with an exponential impact that touches many nations!

September 22, 2009, HIS Vanguard Ministries became a Non-Profit Organization, chartered by the State of Texas. On November 30, 2009, World Ministry Fellowship accepted HIS Vanguard as an Affiliate, providing 501(c)(3) status through their umbrella covering, as well as spiritual and relational oversight.

As we gather together now and in the future, we believe the Lord desires each  event and endeavor of HIS Vanguard Ministries to be a collective exchange or life-flow - a synergistic deposit - of the Lord’s living Presence among us.


Gather... Assemble...
Advance HIS Kingdom!!