Call of HIS VANGUARD: Advance HIS Kingdom!


HIS Vanguard, connected with our "Related" Ministries, has an international impact. We currently have active, productive relationships with several hundred ministers and ministries, and the number is constantly growing.

Featured below are a few World-Changers who are representative of the diverse ministers and leaders of ministry organizations and networks aligned with HIS Vanguard Ministries. Additionally, HIS Vanguard is associated with a host of intercessors and worshipers.

These strategic and sovereign "Spirit-connections" represent relationships birthed by the LORD and developed through respect, love and honor. Though HIS Vanguard Ministries has no formal or legal memberships, alliances or partnerships, the bonds of mutual friendship - coupled with like-minded ministry assignments - create powerful, dynamic and synergistic "living-links".

We believe as HIS Vanguard's mission connects us with these and other World-Changers, together we can fulfill our mandate -

Manifest the King of Kings!... Advance HIS Kingdom!