Call of HIS VANGUARD: Advance HIS Kingdom!


[VANGUARD: foremost division or front part of an army; advance guard;
creative group active in innovation and application of new concepts &
techniques in a given field.]

Welcome to HIS VANGUARD MINISTRIES, Inc., a thriving, living entity. The Lord has created dynamic relational links between specific individuals,  strategic "Related Ministries" and Networks of 5-Fold Ministers, Worshipers and Intercessors.

HIS VANGUARD MINISTRIES, as a network of individuals and ministries, is dedicated to global evangelization, discipleship, training and support of ministers and leaders, connected in strategic alignment to accomplish the Lord’s purposes and manifest His Kingdom.

As a ministry network - called and jointly fit together as manifest expressions of the life and power of His Holy Spirit - HIS Vanguard has an international impact. We are privileged to have within our ranks those who have founded and/or provided leadership of various types of ministries.

Included among us are missionaries, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, worship leaders, singers, musicians, composers, dancers, artists and artisans (creators of banners, flags, prophetic garments, jewelry, worship aids, paintings), intercessors, ministers of “helps”, entrepreneurs, business and medical professionals, authors, editors, publishers, first responders, administrators, and public and government officials.

We believe it is the role of HIS Vanguard to honor, assist and support each other as we accomplish our assigned tasks in the Kingdom. In addition, we endeavor to mentor and impart to those being trained and raised up in this day to fulfill their callings and God-given mantles. We desire to provide a platform from which new ministries can be launched and established ministries can be expanded.

We envision "HIS Vanguard Ministries" as a cohesive apostolic / prophetic company capable of infusing and releasing the Lord’s Presence at His direction, thereby impacting and changing the lives and destinies of individuals and nations!


To fulfill our mandated assignment, HIS Vanguard has been commissioned to:
  • Host Gatherings, Assemblies, Conferences 
  • Facilitate, assist, promote and/or co-host events with Related Ministries
  • Support other Kingdom-minded Ministries in their assignments and activities through personal participation, prayer, and practical assistance
  • Identify, equip and activate individuals and groups to function and interact
    complementary spiritual "special forces" units
  • Network with local, regional, national and international alliances of worship, prayer, apostolic/prophetic ministry and leadership

It is our privilege and our passion to see the Kingdom of God ADVANCE!

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Prayerfully consider aligning with HIS VANGUARD as we unite
with valiant ones
who will heed the... 

Advance HIS Kingdom!!