Call of HIS VANGUARD: Advance HIS Kingdom!


Current and past editions of the Vanguard SWORD & SHIELD Newsletter, PowerLinks Alert!, and ADVANCE! will be available on this webpage in the near future. These resources are offered to facilitate communication and assist in maintaining personal contact with each other. I believe the Vanguard PowerLinks Alert! (prayer requests and notes), SWORD & SHIELD Newsletters, and ADVANCE! will provide a format for the life-flow back and forth within the Spirit-birthed living organism now called the VANGUARD!

PowerLinks Alert!
will function as a Call to Arms - 1 : a summons to engage in active hostilities; 2 : a summons, invitation, or appeal to undertake a particular course of action - by sounding an ALERT... a warning or alarm of an impending military attack, storm or danger. Therefore, PowerLinks Alert! will be used to deliver urgent and/or serious prayer requests, and subsequent updates and praise reports.

SWORD & SHIELD Newsletter
will contain letters, reports and responses regarding our Gatherings, info about future events, and prophetic words and teachings submitted by Vanguard members.

Announcements, important notices and details of upcoming events will be found in the Vanguard
which will be made available when needed.